Publishers *

Abiva Publishing House, Inc.

Adarna House

Anvil Publishing, Inc.

Lampara Publishing House, Inc.

OMF Literature

Rex Book Store, Inc. (RBSI)

Tahanan Books for Young Readers

The Bookmark, Inc.

* This list is a work in progress. Whenever we see a children’s or young adult book published in the Philippines, we will add the company or organization that published it to this list. This is for information purposes only, it is not an endorsement from the SCBWI. To know more about certain items, please go directly to the source. We cannot be responsible for any interactions and outcomes, good or bad, that may result from your following up on these items. Compiled by Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo and Dominique Garde Torres. Last updated on 2010 October 11.